Trust Us: Politicians Keep Most Of Their Promises

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Regardless of what happens between now and the GOP convention, there is little doubt that Donald Trump has undermined our understanding of primary politics. It …

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This would be a good article to share with students in social studies elective classes that deal with campaigns and US government (voting). The teacher could start with a question about politicians keeping their campaign promises after voted in to office. After discussion, teacher could introduce research project that combines research validity and verification, fact-checking websites, and “changing conditions” having an impact on following through. They may also explore what “good faith” means and how it applies to these kinds of questions. 

The teacher could decide to split researchers into pairs or small groups. They could research this question regarding congressional candidates, senate, and other offices where candidates must be voted in. I don’t know if research is available so teacher might want to check with school librarian to check if project can be carried through for congressional or senate candidates. 

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