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Debt as an indicator of intelligence is implied whenever someone makes a statement that 17, 18, and 19 year olds should consider their college choices and predict the likelihood of a return on their investments (ROI) carefully. It is ludicrous to expect young adults to make such choices skillfully, especially because trained economists and the possessors of graduate degrees in business administration can’t. If you don’t believe me, take your business degree knowledge and define “intellectual capital”. Yes, you might make the argument that a college education is a commodity, but you can’t resolve the challenges of appraising its value. Just like appraisers can’t put a real price tag on what employees know.

Source: “What is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye” | Duane Sharrock | Pulse | LinkedIn

Source: Is Wisdom So Terrible When It Brings Profits That Are Invisible to the Eye? | Duane Sharrock | Pulse | LinkedIn

I found out about this experiment from the video presentation “Steven Pinker: The Elephant, the Emperor, and the Matzo Ball”,

Steven Pinker asks:

“Why are bribes, requests, seductions, solicitations, and threats so often veiled when both parties know what they mean?”

The article starts….”You want to go to the hottest restaurant in town. You have no reservation.”

Bruce Feiler has a plan for you.

Source: Pocketful of Dough – Tips on Tipping: 2000s Archive :

The head of a leading girls’ school body says too many women are letting their “inner critic” stop them from succeeding in life.

Source: Too many girls ‘held back by inner critic’ – BBC News

“I was so intent on finding a specific answer that I didn’t realize I was asking the wrong question. It was time to stop looking for the answer. It was time to ask new questions.

Here are the new questions I asked myself (and that you can ask yourself) that changed how I looked at this problem, at myself and at each future challenge:”

Source: Reframe Problems with These 5 Questions | SUCCESS

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“We ought to be asking a different question altogether. What should matter to parents and educators is this:

“How effectively do children’s after-school assignments advance learning?”

Source: Quality Homework: A Smart Idea – The New York Times

Conflicts between people from different nationalities and cultures often stem from a lack of empathy or compassion for strangers in an outside group. This research is promising because it provides proof that empathy for members of other groups can be created simply by having a positive social interaction, which can lead to peaceful coexistence.

Source: Your Brain Can Learn to Empathize with Outside Groups | Psychology Today