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Ross, “the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney” built on IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, was designed to read and understand language, postulate hypotheses when asked questions, research, and then generate responses (along with references and citations) to back up its conclusions. Ross also learns from experience, gaining speed and knowledge the more you interact with it.

Source: Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm


While reading such articles, keep in mind that many robots are not mechanical; they are software.


“Why is the media taking such an interest now? Because today, the robotics industry has a set of fresh economic and political messages:Robots are becoming affordable. Anyone can benefit from purchasing a robot.Robots will increase our production efficiency.Robots will allow us to “reshore” (run away from China).We will be able to make things in our country again.We will get rid of workers — they are just too expensive and too lazy and kids these days don’t want factory jobs anyway.Although all of the above are true to some degree, the simplicity of media coverage distorts the real situation. After watching numerous videos showing cool automation in action, it would be easy for you to get the wrong idea about how much effort it takes to automate anything.”

Source: The real cost of robotics | TechCrunch

Open Innovation companies that help you innovate and solve problems. Click on a heading to add your comment or review.

Source: IdeaConnection: Outsourcing Innovation, Open Innovation

Life is Getting Better: Societal Evolution and Fit with Human Nature.

“The nations that lead the world into the next century will be those who can shift from being industrial economies based upon the production of manufactured goods to those that possess the capacity to produce and utilize knowledge successfully.”

via School of Education at Johns Hopkins University-Learning, Learning Organizations, and Leadership.

Power, Button, Off, On, Red

Access to electricity (% of population) | Data | Table.

This is one of several chapters that examine APM from a range of perspectives — my favorite is “The Look and Feel of the Nanoscale World”.

via Four Revolutions Compared: Agriculture, Industry, Information, and APM — Metamodern.

Ectogenesis is a social and political minefield.


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The strength capability is equal to a 190 pound man bench pressing a 7.5-ton African elephant. Continue reading →
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