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Metaphors We Live By: How Metaphors Frame Our Experiences in Different Ways.


What Does [sic] Mean?.

Insight treasure trove in one paragraph here…Mind blown!

This is a powerful insight in the article and it needs to be shared:

“So, in offensively broad terms, I’d say the scientist is fairly obsessive about precision, and wants to at least identify – if not absolutely control – all variables.  They strive to be comprehensive and worry about what they’ve left out.  I think some of them live in mortal fear of being seen as superficial, especially among their colleagues, so more information is almost always a better thing.  Their vocabulary is off-putting to the uninitiated, but it can be super-precise, just the way they like it.  And after many years, I started to recognize this huge difference in cognitive style between scientists and the rest of us: they are really comfortable spreading out and labeling all of the pieces of the puzzle before they get down to figuring out what it might represent.  Most folks like to study the box to know what the picture is first!”

via The Art of Communicating Science | Psychology Today.

English spelling is bizarre.


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