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“Winning at Olympia”Ancient Olympics Guide”
April 6, 2004by Donald G. Kyle

You say, “I want to win at Olympia.” …If you do, you will have to obey instructions, eat according to regulations, keep away from desserts, exercise on a fixed schedule at definite hours, in both heat and cold; you must not drink cold water nor can you have a drink of wine whenever you want. You must hand yourself over to your coach exactly as you would to a doctor. Then in the contest itself you must gouge and be gouged, there will be times when you will sprain a wrist, turn your ankle, swallow mouthfuls of sand, and be flogged. And after all that there are times when you lose.”

Epictetus, Discourses 15.2-5, trans. W.E. Sweet


Video games have expanded rapidly and created a large and growing industry since the 1980s.

Source: There’s more to gamification than just playing games