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How to Automatically Add Media Titles in WordPress.

“We probably ought to declare something right away, so no one can accuse us of cheating. In nonfiction, when we talk about building characters, we’re not talking about creating them. That happens in fiction.”

14 Tips for Building Character – Nieman Storyboard.’s latest update contains many terms ushered into existence because of technological advancements. Two of these new entries, deep web and dark web, are so technical in nature that we came across a lot of confusion as to what they actually mean in our research. More tech-savvy publications generally have a disclaimer when discussing the dark web, pleading with their readers that this is not to be confused with the deep web, which is related, but not at all the same thing. So, what exactly are the dark web and the deep web, and why are technology reporters so wary when using either term?

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Good reflective writing usually involves four key elements:

reporting and responding to a critical issue or experience;

relating this issue or experience to your own knowledge in this field;

reasoning about causes and effects of this issue/experience according to relevant theories or literature and/or similarities or differences with other experiences you’ve had; and

reconstructing your thinking to plan new ways to approach the issue or engage in similar experiences in the future

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Metaphors We Live By: How Metaphors Frame Our Experiences in Different Ways.

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Cryptomnesia occurs when a forgotten memory returns without it being recognized as such by the subject, who believes it is something new and original. It is a memory bias whereby a person may falsely recall generating a thought, an idea, a song, or a joke,[1] not deliberately engaging in plagiarism but rather experiencing a memory as if it were a new inspiration.

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30 Idioms About Common Shapes.